Party by myself!!!

solitude-5Its 2303hrs and I am literally putting pen to paper after having drafted my bloginity breaking piece. I am having SUCH a great time sitting in the kitchen writing my second blog post. I could go on and on writing – this really IS my happy place! Reading and writing are two of my favourite things in the world! J

I have a time machine & I can teleport! YES I CAN! How? Easy – a counter book (3 tier please), a pen, a laptop blasting good music, headphones (now and then) and I am transported to another world. A world where I create whatever I want to create. Normally it’s just me venting, loving, appreciating, or dreaming – nothing fancy! But I simply love it! When people ask me how I love to wind down after a busy day ‘in my time machine’ is what I would love to say! But then I realise I cannot use that phrase without terrifying most of the people around me. So I just give a ‘diplomatic’ answer based on what I feel at the time.

Only recently (2009 to be exact) did I begin to place value on solitude. Even without my creating utensils or my time machine I can still have a blast! Solitude – a word I really appreciate. I love long trips by myself or with my partner in crime because then I am engrossed in my own world. Yes, being with my significant other feels like being with myself because it does (I wish I knew why, but that is all I know).

At times even a kombi ride in silence can be amazing for me! I offload so much when I sit in that loud kombi in the calm, quiet place in my mind and heart reserved only for me. In the stillness of my mind I am filled with calm and peace for the outward rush. I used to be so much of a chatterbox when I was younger; but I outgrew some of the chatter for inner inspection and meditation. (Others would like to argue that I added on introspection and lost none of the chatter at all! – but to each his own)

It’s not a matter of not wanting to be around people, but a matter of being comfortable with myself and with being with just me. I find that really restorative. I like knowing that I will be here to be with me after a busy day. I find myself looking forward to that moment that I spend time pondering and looking back at the day, past, present and future. I wish I could explain the feeling, but I cannot. No matter how long or short the moment is when I steal it from the world; it is quite soothing to be alone with me at least once a day.

If you know what I speak of and you have tried it, I am sure you can attest to what I am saying. If you are one of those people who have never sought or never seek the company of yourself I suggest you try it. Just be with you, allow yourself to hold hands with you and take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of the world.

In future I will respond and say, “Partying with myself” when I am asked how I like to unwind. Because it is true and it is less weird than saying, “In my time machine!”. I like to hang out with me and have a blast! Try it and see for yourself! I promise you it is the best experience after good music!

The river flows. . .

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  1. Jeniffer Zvikwete November 27, 2013 at 13:53

    you are very talented Missy, you speak your mind!!! I love your mind!

  2. Swe Bhule November 27, 2013 at 14:08

    Thank you very much! There are times that I have to reign it in though – when it just wants to gallop into the forest and take me with it.

  3. Mash May 14, 2017 at 16:15

    Very insightful Sandiswe.
    Beautiful piece!


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