This is me

I am a young ambitious lady who is for all things that lead to progress. I am really passionate about contributing to positive change and I would like to have had a hand in shaping Zimbabwe and the world for the future. My focus is 20 – 30 years from now because I believe that if we set goals & targets with this time frame in mind we will make changes that the next generation will come to appreciate.

I am driven by the need to be instrumental in issues concerning business,  gender, youth and the environment (not in that particular order though). I am also really interested in technology and I am hoping to contribute to tech development as well.  Helping people, cheer-leading, ego boosting, writing, reading and exercising give me a high & I could do them all day and night.

After all is said and done I guess I can summarise myself as JUST A REALLY BIG SERVANT . 

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  1. DENNIS DZIIKE August 28, 2017 at 14:07

    I really like your good views about life and `the future, that’s a very good attitude about life in general, good thougts !


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