River sunnyThere was a time in my life when I thought that sharing my thoughts was alright and acceptable. When I thought I had something valuable to contribute to the world by sharing my brain waves. I really did think my musings were really amazing and everyone had to hear them and at least understand them.

Those moments, days, months and years came and went with the wind in my hair. Mainly because my reflections seemed to be VERY different and unique from everyone else’s, but just a few. My though process seemed to have a mind of its own and my mouth was its willing slave. Constantly my ponderings brought me a scolding, an occasional hiding, the usual tongue wagging, jaw dropping and eye brow raising.

I had a constant river of thought that I let run freely into the world – no holds barred! At one point I became stubborn and ONLY my opinion was right and mattered. After a while – a very long while It wasn’t hard for me to learn by way of quite a hard soft landing that some things were better left unsaid. This was probably because instead of hidings I got looks and stern words that made me want to weepingly mop up all the water in all the rivers of thought in the world.

Slowly but surely I began to cut off my thoughts – a dam was built! I kept my thoughts to myself except the occasional trickle from where I’d missed a damming spot or where my dam just couldn’t hold it in. A little over a year of keeping my rather outlandish thoughts to myself the floodgates had to be put to good use.

Maybe, just maybe I donot have the needed capacity to rein in my eccentric opinions for much longer than a year. I am a very loud, opinionated, well spoken, passionate thinker. When the floodgates registered full capacity and the alarms went off I realised it was time!

These my ruminations were not designed to be caged, but free! Not everyone may be in touch with my perspectives, my standpoint and my thought processes, but I hope you will enjoy rafting, jet skiing, skinny dippingand fishingwith me in the river of my thoughts.

There is only one thing I can and will do . . . LET THE RIVER FLOW!

Come float with me as I UNDAMN MY THOUGHTS!!!

The river flows. . .

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  1. tats October 31, 2013 at 12:33

    great stuff Chiqo..

    • revere13 October 31, 2013 at 14:46

      Thank you very much Tats! It is work in progress!


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