Untitled Loveliness!!!

I still stand here and watch

Glimpses of you floating past

If only you would hold still

And I would bend you to my will

Which will? You stop to ask

When I have lived and seen it;

Where you have lived, loved and lost!

Which will do you speak of and boast?

Loving laughter bubbling your throat

Jovial @24, bubbly @24

I still stand watch, wondering -


Are you happy @44?

Are you groovy @44?

Are you HAWT @44?

I will not move from my post soon –


That’s when it comes – that whisper;

Gently chilling,

Forcefully endearing,

Alarmingly alluring,

Surprisingly wrapped in wisdom. . .

“For you to live, love, learn & know-

Leave that post – live a lot!”

Life in abundance! Leave that post!

My Saviour’s intention

To live my life in abundance!

To live a lot

Gale force winds, burning skies

Swaying me from that intended way

Stubbornly I refuse to move

I will live a WHOLE lot!!!

Fear of the unforeseen expiry date creeps in

A little like a little spider in my ear

Whispering words and sentences I couldn’t hear

Tickling sensations pleasantly disturbing

Carry me off to sleep on fearful spider legs

Even in dreamland I can’t shake you off;

Down a forgotten alley I chase you,

Screaming & shouting till I am hoarse

Willing you to, “SHOW YOURSELF!!!”

Flashes of the little lot I have lived go past

My knees meet the ground with a thud

Fists rising and raising dust as I pound the ground

I lift my face to the dead end road ahead

A scorching scream violates my lips & shoots out of me

Energy leaves me – I thought we could meet finally!

Lightning slices the sky dazzling me

Tenderly I feel that spider marching all over my body

Seems it has grown many a leg, its touch feather light


The dream melts into reality

Back to desert waste land from that alley

You are washed away by the rain

Yet you linger on in reality

“Live, love, learn, know –I hear it all over again – that whisper,

Leave the past and live a lot!

The river flows. . .

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