Yesterday lingers on

Yesterday is long gone
I know, yet it lingers on
I am sure that is one yesterday
Which is here to stay

That smell floats into my nose
Conjuring up moments like those
When all I would have wished for
was for the whole thing to end instantly

A hand from the past
Glides up and down my body
Bringing to mind the struggles
Struggles only I know of
And dare not speak about

My eyes put together an image –
Closed eyes, an intense face
This was a human….NOT a beast
Complete with hands like fists
Though in action beastlike…
I knew he was all human

My ears come alive
As I hear the grunts and whispers
From that yesterday, as light as feathers
Yet as deadly as the worst poison
I cringed then and I still do so now
The memories are what I relive

My mouth feels once again,
That invasion, that force, that taste
Which bring to mind a struggle in vain
Rendered powerless I laid there
Glassy eyed and numbed…was this really me?

Then I feel the pressure and warmth
That was that of a body spread over mine,
And I remember it was not her…
I was the one who lay there
Only I know what happened then.
On that yesterday long gone.

The river flows. . .

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